Discover a NGO Program Enhancing Scientific Capacities in Developing Countries through Advanced Equipment and Supplies!

Are you seeking to equip your laboratory with cutting-edge tools and resources? Look no further!

LABI is proud to collaborate with Seeding Labs, a US-based NGO with a steadfast commitment to increasing access to scientific resources in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) since 2008. Seeding Labs’ mission aligns seamlessly with LABI’s vision of fostering collaboration and elevating scientific capabilities within the Latin American bioimaging community.

The Instrumental Access Program offered by Seeding Labs bridges a crucial gap by providing LMIC universities and research institutes with access to high-quality scientific equipment and supplies. Through this program, a shipping container laden with surplus laboratory equipment, glassware, and consumables is provided to selected institutions. The contents of each shipment are unique, chosen by the awardee who “shops” in the inventory of donated items to select the items that would best meet their needs for teaching and research

Seeding Labs’ mission is to equip scientific leaders with modern tools, enabling locally-led development that benefits all stakeholders. Over the years, Seeding Labs has successfully delivered Instrumental Access equipment valued at more than $47 million USD to 104 institutions across 39 countries.

Explore how the Instrumental Access Program can elevate your institution’s scientific capabilities and contribute to collaborative advancements in bioimaging within the Latin American region.

See the Webinar and learn how your institution can benefit and thrive through this initiative! 

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trn2mNAAuWg